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Best of 1998

Lawn Ornaments

Football Rituals

Shakespeare in Love

Red Letter Day

Roshambo Rampage

Dungeons and Dragons Character Classes

The Worst Unseen Movies of 1998

Is That Ham?

Cheat Codes for Application Programs

At First Sight

Thinking Big

Smilin' Willy Gates

Schoolhouse Rock Part II


A Simple Plan

Lore: Simultaneous Impression



Car Accessories

Playing by Heart

The Billionaire Says...

Calumny House Music Club

Choose Your Own Damn Sex Act


Destined for Greatness

The Self-Made Critic's Guide to the Academy Awards

The Computer Game Library

A Brief Conversation with the Planet Pluto


Perfume or Marvel Super Villain?

Aspects of Jabberwocky

Surefire Cures for the Hiccups

Office Space

Scientific Reduction

6 Questions So Sexy You'll Have Him Begging For More


Are You There, God? It's More Breakfast Cereal


Diner Food

New Olympic Events

Analyze This

More Dungeons and Dragons Character Classes

How Bad Is Batman

Academy Award Contest 1999

So Speaks Randon

Memento Morty

Greek Gods

Dear Rupert

True Crime

Lore: Hidden Camera

The Wrestling Move Generator

Farm Animals

Subject: Melissa


The Mod Squad

Internet Samoleon Providers

Still More Classic Video Games


The Matrix

All-Time Greatest Movie Songs

Chinese Food

Critic Creates Confusion: Contest Called

Critic Creates Confusion: Contest Called

Kids' Songs



Monkeys, Numbers, and You

The World's Least Valid Internet Poll


Street Signs

Cute Baby Animals: Exposed

Pushing Tin

Summer Contest 1999 Results

Summer Contest 1999 Results

Summer Contest 1999

Urban Legends

The Mummy

John Cougar Melancholy

Good or Bad? (Part Seven)

Schoolhouse Rock Part III

Real, True-Life Road Signs We Made Up


How to Argue on Usenet

How Loud is My Radio?

Star Wars Episode One

Phantom Menace Speed Ratings

More Darths

Titles for Star Wars Episode II

The Jedi Training Generator


Honest Eros

Notting Hill

Good or Bad? (Part Eight)

Japanese Snack Foods

Ed's World Part 8

Click Here to Spend Money (Part One)

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

More Hostess Products

More of the World According to AltaVista


Something About Mir

Plagues of Egypt

The Critic's Got Mail

Satan on Goldfish

The Rest of the Plagues of Egypt

Vicious Vegan

Big Daddy


The Alternate Spider-Man

Is That Porn or Erotica?

A Brief History of Time Travel

South Park

The Brunching Shuttlecocks Guide to Exotic Produce

More Crap We Got In the Mail

American Pie

An Editorial

An Editorial

Dairy Products

Lore: French Fries

Wild Wild West

Disney World Warnings

Inanimate Object Candy

Extremely Remedial Courses

The Next Big Joke

The Haunting

Good or Bad? (Part Nine)


The Blair Witch Project

More Inanimate Object Candy

Coffeeshop Drinks


Deep Blue Sea

The Y2K Survival Catalog

Chart Toppers

Australian Snack Foods

Celestial Whatever

Sixth Sense

The Blair Family Circus Project

The Guy Who Knows Karate

Folk Songs

Lore: Take Two


The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior


Good or Bad? (Part Ten)

Take Me Out of the Ball Game


Ed's World Part 9

Godzilla Enemies

Jar Jar: The Terrible Truth

The Muse

Internet Humor

Is Your Child On Drugs?

Gödel, Escher, Breakfast Cereal

Missed Connections

Mystery Men

No-Ugly Labs

Ad Code

Extinct Animals

Things Different

Stir of Echoes

Impure Inside


Paleolithic Web Pages

Household Hints

American Beauty

Untitled Five

Korean Snack Foods

Lore: All Music

Vampire: The Masquerade FAQK

Three Kings

Hog Meat Tact Call

Playground Equipment

Lore: Let's See

Fight Club

Thoughts From The Grocery Store

Good or Bad? (Part Eleven)

VCR Remote Buttons

I Ought To Be a Law

Double Jeopardy

Trick or Whatever


Wedding Traditions

A Little Bit of Lou Bega

Being John Malkovich

More Satanic Symbols

Amusement Park Foods

The Limey

Smartass Answers to the Alien Abduction Survey

Who Died and Left You King?

Street Names

Ed's World Part 10

Pokemon: The First Movie

Untitled Six

Real Name or Stage Name?

Miracles of Christ

Sleepy Hollow

Good or Bad? (Part Twelve)




End of Days

End of Breakfasts

Choose Your Own Damn start Pokémon Adventure

88 Lines About 42 Presidents

The World is Not Enough


Lore: No Idea

Toy Story 2

Man on the Moon

The Brunching Shuttlecocks Sexual Awakening Library

Findings of ___

More Korean Snacks

New Quarters

Old People In 2050

A Brief Conversation with the House Cat who Gave Birth to an African Wildcat

Good or Bad? (Part Twelve)

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