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2001 Archive


Cast Away

Names for Felis Concolor

Good or Bad, Part 18

Ways To Leave Your Lover

The Future of Hotels


In Which We Start Picking On The New President Already

The Drug Slang Translator

In Which We Attempt To Advance the State of the Art of Spamming

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Ed's World, Part 14

The Gift


The Alternate Universe Channel




Thirteen Days

Monster Pitch


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Bar Appetizers

Thoughts from the Movie Theater

Lore: More Things

The Mexican

Non-Lethal Weapons

I Don't Want To Be Elfstar Any More. I Want To Be More Breakfast Cereals.

Breakfast Menu

Smartass Answers to the Loving Nature Quiz

Good or Bad, Part 19

Fifteen Minutes

Tomy Pocket Games

Twelve AP Headlines


Diary of a Web Stock

The Fine Print: Bush's Tax Plan

The Self-Made Critic's Guide to the 2001 Oscars

Mary Kate and Ashley: Why They Do the Things They Do

Satan on Laundry

Music Media

The Dish

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From My Cat



Tom Hanks: Where is He Now?

The Tailor of Panama

Britney Spears: Fact or Fiction?

Apes and Monkeys

Black and White

All Access

The Web's Hottest Sites

Phone Features

Better Monuments

Josie and the Pussycats

Lore: I Think

Bridget Jones's Diary

Good or Bad, Part 20

The Mr. T Name Generator

The Mr. T Name Generator


Spy Kids

Predicting the Summer Movie Season

The Mummy Returns

Answering The Eternal Questions

Lore: Clothing Company

A Knight's Tale


Pearl Harbor



Seventies Crafts

Moulin Rouge


Tomb Raider

For Dummies Books


Cats and Dogs

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part I

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Markle's Findings


Jurassic Park 3

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part II

Satan on Housewarming Parties

Planet of the Apes

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part III

Good or Bad, Part 21

The Web's Hottest Sites To Be

Ed's World, Part 15

Your Roommate Plays The Indigo Girls

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part IV

Jesus, It's 2001 and We're Doing Smurf Jokes?

Am I President Or Not?

The Star Wars Title Generator

The Others

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part V

Rush Hour 2


Therapy by SmarterChild

Lore: In Movies

Kitchen Floor

Another Brief Conversation with the Planet Pluto

Wonders of the World

Maryland Institute College of Art: The Great Turning

Rat Race


Kevin Smith and His Magic Feather

Jeepers Creepers

More Stuff From The Airline Catalog

More Stuff From The Airline Catalog

Untitled Part 8

Psychic Powers

An Open Letter to Dorks and Losers

Things From the Dollar Store

Are You Smarter Than Miss America?

The Princess Diaries

Things From the Dollar Store Part II

The Net's First "Enterprise" Slash Fiction

Lore: Buzzing Sensation


Things From the Dollar Store Part III

Kids These Days

Hearts in Atlantis

Lore: Country Club

Things From the Dollar Store Part IV

Subject: Your Resume

The Institute for Contemporary Cosmetic Enhancement


Lore: With Power

Don't Say a Word

Lore: A Stick

Dinosaurs Part II

From Hell

Sport Jesus


How To Tell An Indian Elephant From An African Elephant


Urbane Legends

If Movies Were Smart

State Quarters, Part 3

Monsters, Inc.

Untitled Part 9

Mulholland Drive

Videogame Console FAQK

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone

Good or Bad, Part 22

Spy Game


Dear Lindy

Britney's Fourth Album

Ocean's Eleven

Facial Hair

Rejected Letters to Penthouse

Free Promotional Postcards I Got in LA

Vanilla Sky

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