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British Scientists recently announced that the Earth's core, a bubbling mass of molten iron, burns along at 9,930 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty hot. However, scientists estimate the melting temperature of iron under such extreme pressure as found at the core of the earth is actually 11,730 F. The 1,800 degrees difference has been attributed to various impurities found in the core. But what impurities are at the Earth's core that could account for 1,800 degrees?

We thought you'd never ask.

Impurity at Earth's CoreChange in Degrees
706 copies of the Tom Arnold comedy "Carpool" on VHS. 125
37 pairs of fuzzy handcuffs. 73
Jerry Falwell 13
203 badly-shaved poodles. 211
42 hours of the 80's TV show "Small Wonder" 421
The 1962 Mets 120
Intellivision 96
189 copies of William Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" 372
A poster of Erik Estrada. 3
4,123 pounds of Velveeta 366
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