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Many sellers blame the lack of bidders [for domain names] on the ignorance of the buyers. "Most people don't know what these things are worth," said Gerald Provost, a Web consultant who is hawking his and for several thousand apiece.
-- Wired News article on domain name auctions

Great Scott! What if he's right? What if "," "," and "" -- all actual domain names currently failing to attract bids on eBay -- really are worth the ridiculous price tags attached to them? That would make us the stupid ones, wouldn't it? Maybe we should all register our own unwieldy and inexplicable domain names so that we can cash in once the public wises up!

Luckily for all right-thinking people everywhere, we've got a little script that will pick out a sure-fire domain name for you. Not only that, but it checks to make sure that the name is completely unregistered, so you won't be left behind when domains like "" ($20,000, no bidders) catch fire.

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