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If there's anything as funny as the Internet, nobody wants to hear about it. Comedians and cartoonists alike have realized that the Internet and the Web are the most sure-fire source of humor since someone first said "Hey! I can talk just like John Wayne!"

Being old hands at Internet humor, we at the Brunching Shuttlecocks decided we'd help out those who might need a little "" to get started.

Level One: Magazines and other publications skewed towards an older audience -- such as The New Yorker or any newspaper with less than three pages of comics -- need only mention the Internet, or anything associated with it, to "drive the information superhighway" of humor.


Level Two: For more culturally acclimated readers, you may need to put in the effort needed to mention the Internet in an unusual context, like church or a zoo. When in doubt, add a "dot com" to any word and you've "uploaded" hilarity!


Level Three: Looking to seem "techno-savvy" about the Internet without having to actually learn anything? All you need is to pick a word you don't understand out of the Tech section of your local paper, and make a pun on it! It's easy! You don't even need to know what it means!


That's all there is to it! Remember these rules and you'll be "mousing over" the "instant messaging" that "configures" the Internet into a "RAID array" of hilarious "processor cycles!" Good luck and as they say in the chat rooms, "RTFMLO!"

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