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Traditional auction sites make you bid items up to ridiculous levels. "Reverse auctions" require sellers to practically give away items. When will someone put together an online trading center that truly provides a fair price?

That "when" is now. Introducing MaisieTrade -- the online sales site where Maisie sets the price! Maisie has three kids and eight grandkids, so she knows the value of a dollar. She'll match buyers and sellers, and set a fair price besides. Just look at some of the deals offered on MaisieTrade:

[ Maisie ]
Hummel Figurine -- "Apple Tree Girl" "Oh, those are just darling. My daughter has some of those and I just want to scoop them up and hug them every time I visit. Seventy-five dollars is fair, I think."
Tommy Hilfiger Sailing Jacket XL "Jackets are very important. Fifty dollars."
Mint-condition Garcia the Bear Beanie Baby "For heaven's sake, it's just a toy. A children's toy. Five dollars."
Intel Pentium II-350 Mhz CPU "My goodness. That certainly sounds impressive. I'd say about a thousand dollars."
Complete set of Playboy magazine, 1968-1978, VF to NM Condition "Oh, no. You're not peddling that filth on my Web site. No sirree Bob. You can just go down and buy that at the tobacconist with all the other naughty young men."
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