The Brunching Shuttlecocks Features

[ Railroad Crossing Sign ]

The symbol in the center is known as "The Lazy Cross" and forms a central part of vile Black Masses wherein the assembled Satanists stand before a cross and tilt their heads like confused puppies. The "RR" stands for "Ricardo Rex," and refers to the belief that Desi Arnaz will one day rise from the dead and lead the legions of the damned against the armies of the Lord.

[ Copyright Symbol ]

The "C" of course refers to "Christ," or "The Creator," or possibly "King of Kings" spelled really badly. The circle surrounding it symbolizes Satan's evil and corrupt power, supposedly containing and blocking the holiness of the Lord. This directly contradicts I Abyssinians 20:20, which states "The power of Satan is as nothing before the might of the Lord, so don't go getting any ideas."

[ Grateful Dead Bear ]

All rock and roll is Satanic (except of course for the group AC/DC, which stands for "Altruistic Christians/Doing Charity") but some forms are more insidiously evil than others. These bears, mocking the covenant of the rainbow with their colors, mocking the will of God by walking like men, and obviously as high as a weather balloon, are among the most foul and upsetting of all devil rock's symbols.

[ San Francisco 49ers Logo ]

SF! Satan's Friends! Don't you see? Do you really need me to tell you that an "SF" against a hellfire-red background is an embossed, scented invitation for the Anti-Christ to come take up a belching, despoiling residence in the very soul of the unfortunate who wears a helmet emblazoned with this logo? It's obvious!

[ Brunching Symbol ]

Too blasphemous to even discuss.

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