The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

Welcome to our recurring attempt to bring some moral certainty to the subject of things that don't actually matter that much. This installment's candidates are below. Just tell us if they're good or bad and we'll eventually get to the bottom of this.

Update: Voting is finished, truth is obtained, life goes on.


(3076) Sponges with a scrubby pad attached to them
(2585) The "puree" setting on electric blenders
(2046) Fingernail polish remover
(1991) Oil filters
(1805) Expiration dates
(1405) Sitting around trying to imagine what noise a giraffe might make if it were into that sort of thing
(1351) That polar bear on Icee cups
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-66) Instant winner prizes where you win another one of what you just bought
(-290) Rented storage lockers
(-299) Books about the Loch Ness Monster and similar creatures
(-422) Haunted house rides at amusement parks
(-896) Bandanas
(-2011) Guinea fowl
(-2131) People who still wax their moustaches into little twirls in this day and age
(-2649) Ushers
(-3617) Suet


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