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Editor's Note

Ah, the Critic isn't here today. He's, um, well I don't know where he is. He mentioned something about "golf," "piña colada," and "underwear" and took off. I was under the impression that he was supposed to have left a review, but all I can find in his handwriting is a scrap of paper with the names of all the girls from Sailor Moon written on it, and one to five stars next to each name.

So instead, I'm going to run a little game/contest. Write up a movie review or description in a style similar to a Variety headline: a short sentence where all the words (with the possible exception of little words like "of" and "the") start with the same letter. An example, reviewing Godzilla (1998):

Slimmer Saurian Swims, Savages, Sucks

Use the form below to submit your entry. We'll post our favorites and we'll send a T-shirt to the creator of the one we like the best.

Update: We've taken the form down and are looking over the entries. We'll have the winner and runners-up soon.

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