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How To Have An Orgasm For The Rest of Your Life

You've learned how to have longer orgasms. You've learned how to have better orgasms. Now it's time for the big step: an orgasm that never stops. Using our ancient Tulsan techniques, but can learn to have an orgasm for a week, then a year, and finally to have an orgasm that will keep you smiling until you drop dead.

428,234 Nights of Love

Other books list sexual positions, but only this one lists all sexual positions! Every possible permutation in lovemaking is presented here, indexed and cross-referenced by such factors as thumb placement, angle of approach and level of limberness required. With such positions as "The Blooming Lotus," "The Wilting Lotus," "The Water-Skiing Lotus" and "The Drooling Ferret" you'll never have to have sex the same way twice again!

Rub Up Against The Bunny

Why should texture books be only for children? This thick, sturdy volume has all sorts of interesting textures suitable for licking, sniffing, and rubbing against any erogenous zone. From satin to silicone, from latex to leather, this is one book you'll leave stains on.

Sex With Mahir

This hotly-anticipated book by Mahir Cagri details everything you wanted to know about how to have intese, loving sex with Mahir Cagri. From the early chapters on the best places to meet Mahir and tips on approaching him, to the later chapters on secrets of bringing Mahir more pleasure than he ever thought possible, this book sets the standards by which all of Mahir's later books on Mahir will be judged.

M or F?

As every fifteen-year-old boy knows, if you accidentally engage in sex chat with a man who's only pretending to be a woman, you immediately and irrevocably become gay. This book helps you avoid this outcome by sharing tips to help you find out whether the 38DD bisexual model/maseusse named Cherri who loves deep-throating more than life itself is really who "she" claims to be.

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