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Lacking the wherewithal to inform the ISP-helpline-calling public of my whereabouts and activities at all times, I've put together the very next best thing: using the form below and a few simple chunks of knowledge, you can know what the volume on my radio is set to at any given moment. Satisfied?

Where am I driving?

Quick jaunt to the bagel place.
Other side of town.
On the freeway.
Road trip!

What am I listening to?

Soul Coughing -- El Oso.
Some damn 80's New Wave compilation.
The Beatles -- Revolver
Björk, sweet Björk
That wacky Charles Osgood

What time is it?

Before 10 AM.
Between 10 AM and 4 PM.
Between 4 PM and 8 PM.
After 8, before midnight.
The time when you argue about whether it's late or early because you haven't gone to bed.

What's my mood?

Wracked with ennui.
Unexplainably jubilant.
Writing Perl in my head.

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