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Real Name or Stage Name?

Get ready for a shocker, here. "Sting" is not Sting's real name. The musician or the wrestler. Their real names are Gordon Sumner and Steve Borden respectively. Iggy Pop was born James Osterburg and Marilyn Manson was of course originally named Brenda.

So here's the challenge. Below are the famous names of eight celebrities. But are they the real names of eight celebrities? Your job is to separate those with stage names from those still using their birth names. Common nicknames like "Jim Carrey" for "James Eugene Carrey" are considered birth names. Mark Wahlberg or Marky Mark? You make the call.

Real Name Stage Name  
Errol Flynn
Michael Keaton
Keanu Reeves
Kris Kristofferson
Bea Arthur
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chuck Norris
Michael Landon
Marlon Brando
Walter Matthau
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