The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

As time goes on, the name "Brunching Shuttlecocks" becomes a synonym for "shining moral beacon in a dark and troubled time." That's due to features such as our ongoing "Good or Bad" series, in which you, our readers, help us determine whether each item in a a shockingly arbitrary list is good or bad. Soon, the globe's moral schema will be complete and holy persons and advice columnists can sleep in late. The button below will get you started.



(8968) More
(7592) ATM machines
(6761) Belting one out of the park
(5134) Shaking the pants you wore yesterday to hear if your keys are in them
(2894) Moose
(489) Foreign language phrase books
(118) Blue dishwashing liquid
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-567) Microwaves with a button labeled "popcorn"
(-3503) Those Disney record-and-book sets where Tinkerbell tells you when to turn the page.
(-3943) The dessert compartment in a frozen dinner
(-4177) The theme song from Sanford and Son
(-6593) Pink dishwashing liquid
(-7001) The free mailing labels that charities send you to try and get you to send cash
(-7118) Statues that cry and it's a miracle
(-8413) The weird feeling you get when you type your password at the wrong time and you can see it written out
(-11342) TV ads that make puns on "whale of a deal"


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