The Brunching Shuttlecocks Features

Chapter 8: Literary Interests

"Percy Shelley": 471
"german porn": 5995
"Percy Shelley" AND "german porn": 1

Chapter 9: Self-Esteem

"I love myself":1394
"I hate myself": 3065

Chapter 10: Action-Comedies From the Eighties With Repetitive Titles

Hart to Hart: 664
Simon and Simon: 264

Chapter 11: Hygiene

"floss every day": 80
"wear clean socks:" 87
"clean up the blood": 197

Chapter 12: Enthusiasm

"Yeah, baby": 29,669
"Yeah, baby, yeah": 1229
"Yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah": 3

Chapter 13: Rhetorical Questions

"Why are there so many songs about rainbows?": 146
"What the hell are you looking at?": 242

Chapter 14: Ways to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

"I'm drunk": 3317
"I'm stoned": 896
"I'm dead": 12431

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