The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

If you're a regular reader, by now you're familiar with the drill. You tell us whether the items below are good or bad we compile the results and declare them to be the incontrovertible truth for all time.

The slight variation in this installment is that the following are all reader-submitted items, sent to us by yearning pilgrims, aching for the moral compass that's attached to the dashboard of the SUV we call "Good or Bad."

Update: We have finished the voting/polling/surveying and the results, or "answers" are below.


(476) Putting two sugar packets together and ripping them open both at once
(464) Crushed ice
(357) Giant Pixy Stix
(9) Cashiers that put the coins on top of the bills when handing back change
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-55) Glitter
(-61) Wool socks
(-73) Drinking out of jam jars
(-223) Diesel fuel
(-344) Nametags that say "Hello, My Name Is"
(-364) The phrase "By golly"
(-522) Oatmeal with candy "dinosaur eggs" in it
(-564) Scented wooden apples


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