The Brunching Shuttlecocks Features

Classic American Sentences

A study of some of the easier sentences that have shaped the face of American literature. The student will learn the traditional place of capital letters, commas, periods and question marks in the American sentence and will be encouraged to apply this understanding to their own writing. Students will be required to write a minimum of fourteen words.

The Alphabet: A Survey

In this course, students will acquaint themselves with the collection of letters found in English language. The shape, sound, and common usage of each letter will be addressed, as well as its order in relation to the others. In addition, the vowel/consonant dichotomy will be explored and analyzed.

Shapes and Colors in the Western World

Students will learn to identify and name common shapes and colors, with emphasis on primary and secondary colors. For the final exam, students will be expected to pound a series of pegs into their correct holes.

Techniques of Sharing

A course designed to familiarize the student with concepts of ownership, altruism, and ways of combining the two. Students will rapidly move from simple "playing together" to the more advanced "letting someone else use it." Required for subsequent classes in dodge-ball and juice time.

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