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On Wednesday, July 21st, Apple unveiled its latest creation, the iBook. The iBook is the Apple Powerbook laptop in color, just as the iMac was the Apple Macintosh in color.

The iBook is expected to be a huge success.

In view of this, Apple is preparing a number of other new rainbow-colored products for shipment. Including:


Why watch TV on your boring black set? Magnum P.I. reruns find an entire new level of meaning when watched on a TV brighter than Tom Selleck's shirt.

[ iTV ]


Spice up that dull dinner party by nuking up some yummies in this fashionable kitchen godsend. Velveta nachos never taste better than when they come out of a bright blue box!

[ iMicroWave ]


The most basic of bodily functions doesn't have to be a bore! Do your duty in an attractive assortment of fruit flavors! Never before has #2 felt like #1!

[ iJohn ]


Apple acting chief executive Steve Jobs doesn't quite do it for you? That's OK, Apple agrees! Personalize your own Steve Jobs in a myriad of attractive colors and live the American dream!

[ iSteve ]
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