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The Web is full of polls that attempt to boil complicated issues down to a couple radio buttons. The president, the Kosovo crisis, the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog; these complicated issues are reduced to selections a cheap cgi script can deal with, allowing you, for the first time in history, a chance to voice your opinions without a single human being having to pretend he or she cares.

So we figure, why not get in on the action? And as long as we're going to be taking invalid polls, why not strive to create the least valid poll the world has ever seen? And so:

What Do You Want Most in the World?

Intestinal parasites

Less sex

A car that bursts into flames when you signal left


A dead-end job as a pot-scrubber's assistant

Your teeth removed with a Leatherman

A fridge full of rotting sausage

To see the latest results, vote again. What do we care?

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