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Well, the media-saturating, Pepsi-hawking, trailer-generating hype has begun to die down, and now, finally, all those people who stood in line for months to buy tickets to Star Wars Episode One can get to standing in line to buy tickets to Star Wars Episode Two.

Ah, but what of it? So many questions were left unanswered by Episode I. Will Jar-Jar ever find true love? Is it remotely possible that Senator Palpatine might end up being the Emperor? Could Boba Fett take out Darth Maul?

It is for this reason that we picked up the Tesseract DL-204, a digital camera that can take pictures across the barriers of time and reality. We want to be the first Web page willing to actually travel to alternate dimensions to bring you news of Episode Two. Well, okay, the second after "" Here, then, are the results:

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