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Effective Management the Suicide Threat Way

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by Roger Piltdown III

Description: In today's fast-paced, high-octane, stress-filled business world, an edge can make all the difference between the winners and losers. This book provides that edge, in the form of suicide threats. Nobody wants to be responsible for a tragedy, least of all your employees. Using only the constant threat of self-destruction, you can motivate, inspire and lead your troops to new heights of business productivity.

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Reviews, June 6 1999
Great book! Before I read this I had a hard time getting my employees to do anything. Then I took each of them aside and explained that their performance was so disappointing that I was thinking of killing myself. Now all it takes is a prolonged sigh, or a bottle of sleeping pills left prominently on my desktop, and my team is in action!, June 2 1999
Highly recommended. Buy this book or, or I don't know what I might be capable of doing to myself...

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