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A short while ago, we ran a little piece where you could put words into Bill Gates's pixellated mouth. We were motivated, in part, by curosity. What did people want to see Bill Gates saying?

Below you see the results so far:

Default phrase: "Kneel before Zod" 28%
Endorsements of competing products 21%
References to astonishing levels of personal wealth 15%
References to astonishing levels of sexual potency 14%
Inevitable commentary on the Department of Justice suit 7%
Inexplicable commentary on the Lewinsky affair 6%
Greetings to friends 3%
Misspelled swear words 2%
Wrestling slogans 2%
Marxist dogma 1%
Marilyn Manson lyrics 1%
Brief, bitter tirades against ex-girlfriends 1%
Lines containing the phrase "Mad Sicilian Love." 1%
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