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Summer is over!

And while that means many things to many people, the most important thing it means is it's time to announce the winners of The Self-Made Summer Contest 1999!

First PrizeSo congrats to our Grand-Prize winner, Erik Ratliff, who has won a Brunching T-shirt and a Jar-Jar Binks Koosh Toy by having the brilliance to get 60 out of 100 points in this year's contest.

60. Not 90, or 80, or even 70. 60. That was tops.

What's wrong with you people? I thought my score of 42 was going to make me a laughing stock, but it's at the high end of the scale!

Granted, no one was able to place The Sixth Sense on their list (It was supposed to be released in the Fall, and got pushed up during the summer) but every other movie on the eventual top 10 was a possible selection, INCLUDING The Blair Witch Project. (Which quite a lot of you actually choose, meaning you guys know more about what's hot than most studio executives.) On the flip side, many of you also picked Lake Placid and Muppets From Space to be big summer hits. So you're not perfect.

Anyhow, the runners-up were Larry Tipton and George Stankow with 58 points each. They each get a T-shirt and no cat spit.

Here are the Top 10 movies during the summer season. (some of these are still out and making money which may move them up the list, but the contest was for money made through Labor Day weekend.)

1) Star Wars
2) Austin Powers 2
3) The Sixth Sense
4) Tarzan
5) Big Daddy
6) The Mummy
7) Runaway Bride
8) The Blair Witch Project
9) Notting Hill
10) Wild Wild West

Want to know how you stacked up? Check out the big list of entries.

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