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An unknown point of light detected in the sky three years ago in the constellation Serpens is baffling scientists who can't figure out what it is or how far it is from Earth. They don't even know if it's inside our galaxy or not. At this June's meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Chicago, the discoverer of this mysterious pin prick of light challenged fellow astronomers to help explain his discovery, but nobody could come up with a viable theory.

So then they turned to the true experts to uncover the meaning behind this anomaly -- they attended the recent "MilpCon" Science Fiction convention in downtown Milpitas, California. After much consultation, here are the most promising theories:

The Death Star.
A Bolt of Fire racing towards Earth from the planet Quamzar to smite the unbelievers where they stand.
A Galactic Motel 6 -- "They left the light on for us."
It's Earth. We've actually managed to look all the way around the universe and are now looking at our own rear-ends, kinda like a Wile. E. Coyote cartoon
An interstellar billboard for an alien sports drink.
The End of Time.
A Psychotometrical Corridor of Plasma Energy in the Space/Time Continuum which is currently receding into the Neutrino-Emitting Quasiquantumical Nebulae of the Void.
God. Or maybe J. Michael Straczynski.
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