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Tom Hanks: Where is He Now?

Remember Tom Hanks? He was the co-star of "Bosom Buddies," the the same show that provided Peter Scolari ("Ticks," "Camp Nowhere") with the launching pad to international super-stardom. Hanks, however, wasn't as lucky as his better-known co-star and was typecast forever as a cross-dressing ad man with a taste for blondes. We still have a fondness for good old "Kip 'Buffy' Wilson," though, and that's why we're paying tribute to the handful of obscure B-movies that constitute the Tom Hanks oeuvre.

[Tom Hanks in Cast Away]

Cast Away
Tom Hanks plays an ad man who has crashed on a desert island with nothing but several crates of lingerie and makeup to sustain him. Realizing that search parties are more likely to pick up a sexy woman than some crusty male survivalist, he makes himself up as "Betty-Lou" -- with hilarious results!

[Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan]

Saving Private Ryan
In this exactingly realistic World War II farce, Tom Hanks has to lead a platoon of soldiers on a mission into the "women only" section of occupied France, but nearly blows his cover when he meets Jutta, the Teutonic bombshell with more than racist xenophobia on her mind!

[Tom Hanks in Apollo 13]

Apollo 13
The true story of the ill-fated Apollo 13 moon shot, except for the cross-dressing, the buxom blonde "space ray specialist", and Kevin Bacon. Very educational nonetheless.

[Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump]

Forrest Gump
In this era-spanning tale of a simple everyman and his padded bra, Hanks plays a feeble-minded ad man who affects the course of history and pretends to be a woman, both for no apparent reason. A feel-good movie for the whole family, provided the whole family feels secure in its sexuality.

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