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These are all actual questions that have appeared on a FAQ somewhere out there on the Web. We do not, however, believe that they are frequently asked. In fact, we suspect that some of them have been asked only once, and that's assuming the author asked the question out loud in kind of a rhetorical way while typing it.

We were going to link to the sites from which these are drawn, but eh, you know how to use a search engine.

What kind of behavior is considered "Saucy"?

What is The Friendly Bean?

Why should I check my hygrometer's calibration?

What species have been slave-shielded?

What can you tell me about the Kool-Aid Man Atari 2600 video game?

What random information about Legend does not fit into any other question?

Who are the Queens of the Stone Age?

Why not hollow out the cats?

Are there any hidden costs that I will incur in settling an offshore trust in Belize?

If you had a parade, what would be the 3 biggest floats on it?

Why is there so much porn here?

What is the story behind the "ghost blimp"?

My dog has recently started to urinate on the carpet in the same area. Finally I am having it picked up. Underneath are hardwood parquet floors. I am having the floors and sanded and sealed. My workman just called me and told that the urine smell is in the wood underneath the carpet. Will your product work on this type of surface?

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