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How To Tell An Indian Elephant From An African Elephant

Indian ElephantAfrican Elephant
Smaller earsLarger ears
Head is the highest part of bodyShoulder is highest part of body
Tapering skullDomed skull
Smooth trunkRidged trunk
Gives live birthLays eggs in sand
Nurses youngNurses elderly
Favorite number is sixDoesn't have a favorite number
Prefers "Paul's Boutique"Prefers "Ill Communication"
Once won fifty dollars in a radio call-in showHas never won anything
Does not have a Transformers toy modeled after it"Ironhide"
Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from University of WashingtonStill working on dissertation
Is an anagram of "Tanline Pinhead"Is an anagram of "Nathan Fireplace"
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