The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

Good or Bad, Part 21

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(5163) Surge protectors that you can plug your modem into
(2568) St. Petersburg
(1907) Albino snakes
(1302) Eighth level
(274) Guys who sit on their porches a whole bunch and wave when you walk by
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-977) Paperweights with a scorpion or tarantula inside
(-1585) Those lighters that have a little heat element instead of an actual flame
(-3172) Jerky made out of exotic animals like ostriches and rattlesnakes
(-3663) Dog food shaped like hamburger patties
(-4985) "Fudge" used as an expletive
(-5520) Cell phones that play popular music as their ring tone


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