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The Web's Hottest Sites To Be

Some time ago, we published The Web's Hottest Sites, a collection of suggestive domain names that -- spoiler here -- do not actually lead to porn. Recently, however, we were alerted to the fact that one of them ( had turned into a porn site while we weren't looking.

So we got to thinking: Was this because of us? Did some enterprising pornketeer buy out whomever owned just to draw in unsuspecting (or rather, suspecting but for the wrong reasons) Brunching readers? Are we, in fact, shaping the Internet? The thought is heady. That's Bush-daughter level power! Well, not that powerful, but it's still heady.

So to test our newfound mightiness, we want to see if other people will snap up suggestive names just for our ex-post-facto pseudo-endorsement. Or non-suggestive names. Or even vaguely insulting names. The following domain names are, of this writing, completely unregistered. If any of them become registered and link to actual Web sites, we'll make a note of the date next to the domain name. And soon, the world will be ours for the plucking-and-putting-in-some-sort-of-basket.

Update 8/19/2001: Just a warning here. In case it's not obvious, we don't have any control over the content of the sites below. They could contain nudity, graphic sex, or even DSS code. So don't click unless you're willing to face what's beyond, and don't feel obligated to tell us what the sites link to. We're doing other stuff now.

So Welcome To: The Web's Really Hottest Sites! [Live 8/10/2001] [Live 8/10/2001] [Live 8/13/2001] [Live 8/10/2001] [Live, sort of, 08/12/2001] [Live 08/13/2001] [Registered as of 08/13/2001, not live] [Live 08/12/2001] [Live 8/10/2001]

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