The Brunching Shuttlecocks Good or Bad

Good or Bad, Part 20

Good or bad? The eternal question, much more eternal for instance than "paper or plastic?" which will be passé as soon as poly-corduroy is invented. But each time we do this, we solve another little piece of the double crostic that is life. And that makes us feel, if not good, at least less indifferent.

Update: Voting is done with. The results are below. And that's that.


(1910) Pull-down menus where you select your country that are alphabetical except that the United States is at the top.
(1572) Memorization
(957) That beeping noise trucks make when they back up
(405) 1-800 phone numbers that are expressed as words
--------- The Line of Truth --------
(-1989) Benign tumors
(-1993) Revised editions
(-2189) Locker keys
(-3547) Plantains
(-5956) Movie theater nachos
(-6273) Shark tooth necklaces
(-7323) Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
(-8000) Boxing metaphors


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