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Urbane Legends

Regular urban legends too scary? Do you prefer your cocktail chatter or slumber party stories to not excite the blood? Try some of our less-startling tales for the timid on for size!

This babysitter was so stoned, she forgot to put a blanket on the baby and it was chilly.

This guy once gave this girl a ride in his cab, and when he got to her destination he looked back and she had exited without paying.

This guy once picked up a woman in a bar and when he woke up he was in a bathtub and couldn't remember if he had sex.

The were once reports of an escaped criminal lunatic and so this boy and this girl stayed home and played "Gauntlet: Dark Legacy".

This lady once bought a dog in Mexico and when she returned home she had to leave it behind due to health concerns.

This kid once drank Coke and ate Pop Rocks and then ran around like a little maniac for forty-five minutes.

This one girl was once bitten by a spider that may have been living in her attic.

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