The Brunching Shuttlecocks Features

The Alternate Universe Channel

10:00 AM

Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Babies
Baby Kirk and Baby Spock must travel to an unknown nursery to learn the importance of sharing.

10:30 AM

Ladyhawke Forever
In this, the third and best film of the series, Gaston loses his memory and and must quest to discover his own hidden past -- and dark destiny. ****

12:30 PM

Gardening with Kurt and Tupac
Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur share gardening tips. This week: aphids.

1:00 PM

Family Feud
Family members are given power tools and put in a steel pit to resolve differences. Louie Anderson hosts.

1:30 PM

Where Are They Now?
Former celebrities are tracked down and interviewed. This week: Fitness instructor and former singer Madonna Ciccone

2:00 PM

NFL Football
Fresno Assassins vs. Urbana Jackals

5:00 PM

Shining Time Station
Thomas must enter the seedy world of organized crime to track down the man who killed his wife. Mature themes.

6:00 PM

World's Safest Drivers
Real-life footage of capable drivers avoiding accidents through quick thinking and defensive driving techniques.

6:30 PM

Fashion Emergency
Supermodels give first aid to accident victims while showcasing fabulous outfits.

7:00 PM

Politically Correct
Bill Maher and celebrity guests discuss non-controversial subjects. This week's topics: "Fish sure are wet" and "I've got toes."

7:30 PM

Three's Company Again
Premiere. The children of Jack Tripper, Chrissy Snow, and Janet Wood attempt to get along while hiding their Internet porn startup from the landlord.

8:00 PM

Presidential Address
U.S. President Bob Ross speaks on the state of the union and paints a seascape with happy clouds.

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