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Monster Pitch

Ever seen a trailer for a new horror movie and thought "Damn, I could come up with something better than that. Hell, a bunch of dead sea monkeys could come up with something better. In fact, a random, horror-movie plot generator could come up with something better than this piece of crap!"

How right you are.

So here's your chance to create the ultimate horror movie. Simply fill out the four fields, giving us actors and actresses for the movie, then select the setting of your masterpiece, the monster which will be terrorizing your actors, the motive for the monster's rampage. Then sit back and enjoy your very own movie pitch!

Just remember, if you actually make the movie, we want a cut.

Male Lead:
Female Lead:
Male Sidekick:
Title of Movie:

Dark and Forbidding Forest
Sleepy Little Town
Mental Institution
At Sea
Ancient Ruins

The Undead
Scientific Abomination
Creature of Folklore/Myth/Legend
Nature Gone Bad

Monster Motive:
To Feed
To Protect Its Young
Its Slumber Has Been Disturbed
To Destroy Humanity

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