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Star Wars Lego Figures

[ Lego Darth ]

Darth Vader
There's something adorably intense about a bite-size Darth Vader. The folks at Lego have done a wonderful job of translating Vader into the Dinky Lord of the Plastic Sith, including a pseudo-cloth cape and a mask that removes to reveal: scarred-up old pasty guy regretful Anakin face! Looking impressively scarred, pasty and regretful, I might add. A+

[ Lego Endor Trooper ]

Forest Troopers
I want Lego Stormtroopers! I want a bucketful of Lego Stormtroopers that I can toss to children from a parade float! I want to line them up and bowl Pokéballs at them! But there are none! What do I get instead? Stinkin' Endor Forest Troopers on their stinkin' speeder bikes! They're reasonably decent interpretations, yes, but who wants a decent interpretation of someone who can get beaten up by an Ewok? C-

[ Lego Biggs ]

Hey, it's Biggs! Biggs Darklighter! With his little mustache and helmet, looking for all the world like a doomed member of some intergalactic version of the Village People! Biggs has gotten pretty screwed on the action figure front, so it's nice to see him get his moment in the sun, even if he has to do it with no nose. A

[ Lego Boba Fett ]

Boba Fett
Star Wars fans! At long last you can unmask Boba Fett! That's right, his helmet is removable, showing his true face: nothing! That's right, Boba Fett's true visage is a featureless jet black cylinder! Aaaaaagh! Frightening! Yet lame! If Fett gets unmasked in the prequels, Lego better be sending me a replacement head pronto! B+

[ Lego Frozen Han ]

Frozen Han
This isn't technically a figure, but rather a plank with an amusingly pathetic image of Han sporting an expression that doesn't so much say "the agony of being frozen alive" as "ate a dozen pickled eggs on a bar bet." I recognize the limitations of the medium, but it would have been nice if it had at least had little silvery Lego hands extending out. Then you could put stuff in them and play "Jabba turns Han into a decorative plant holder." D

[ Lego Luke ]

Tattooine Luke
I like this. I like his plastic removable 'do that captures the artificially full-bodied look that characterized the hairstyle everyone named "Luke" had in the seventies. I like the determined look on his face that says "I may not have knees or individual fingers, but I am going to rescue the galaxy from evil nonetheless." I like the careful and not altogether unsuccessful attempt to recreate his frumpy desert clothes. It's just a class act all around. A

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