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Fortunetelling Methods, Part 1

Wart Remedies

Danger Symbols, Part 2

Danger Symbols, Part 1

State Quarters, Part 4


New Year's Eve Traditions

Stages of Coping With a Terminal Illness

Street Fighter II Characters (Part II)

Street Fighter II Characters (Part I)


Marvel Supervillains (Part II)

Marvel Supervillains (Part I)

Months (Part II)

Months (Part I)

More Unreal Tournament Weapons

Unreal Tournament Weapons

Spider-Man's Powers

Refrigerator Magnets

Aspects of the Future Circa 1953

Slang Words That Mean "Good"


Keyboard Symbols

Soda Flavors

Sundae Toppings

Power Tools

Canadian Snack Foods/Canadiens Casse-Croûte


Free Promotional Postcards I Got in LA

Facial Hair

State Quarters, Part 3

Dinosaurs Part II

Things From the Dollar Store Part IV

Things From the Dollar Store Part III

Things From the Dollar Store Part II

Things From the Dollar Store

Psychic Powers

More Stuff From The Airline Catalog

More Stuff From The Airline Catalog

Wonders of the World

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part V

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part IV

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part III

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part II

Dante's Inferno Punishments, Part I

For Dummies Books

Seventies Crafts


Phone Features

Apes and Monkeys


Music Media

Tomy Pocket Games

I Don't Want To Be Elfstar Any More. I Want To Be More Breakfast Cereals.

Bar Appetizers


Ways To Leave Your Lover

Names for Felis Concolor


Things You Make Out of Snow

Baby Toys


Egg Dishes

State Quarters, Part 2


State License Plates, Part Two

More Labors of Hercules

Labors of Hercules

Aspects of Camping

Fisher-Price Little People

School Supplies

The A-Team

State License Plates

Aspects of the Movie Theater

Rules For My Apartment Complex

The Legion of Doom

Monopoly Sets


Input Devices

Top Level Domain Names

French Food You Suck On

Stuff in the Airline Catalog


Israeli Snack Foods

Party Favors

Aesop's Fables

Aspects of Easter

Rain Gear

Magic Tricks

Swedish Candy

The Neighborhood of Make-Believe

Things in Space


Cold and Flu Remedies

Things You Sit On

Czech and Romanian Snack Foods


Jelly Belly Flavors

Star Wars Lego Figures

Good Luck Charms

Ice Cream Novelties


New Quarters

More Korean Snacks



Miracles of Christ

Street Names

Amusement Park Foods

Wedding Traditions

VCR Remote Buttons

Playground Equipment

Korean Snack Foods

Paleolithic Web Pages

Extinct Animals

Gödel, Escher, Breakfast Cereal

Godzilla Enemies

Folk Songs

Australian Snack Foods

Coffeeshop Drinks

More Inanimate Object Candy

Inanimate Object Candy

Dairy Products

More Crap We Got In the Mail

The Rest of the Plagues of Egypt

Plagues of Egypt

More Hostess Products

Japanese Snack Foods

Phantom Menace Speed Ratings

Schoolhouse Rock Part III

Urban Legends

Street Signs

Kids' Songs

Chinese Food

Still More Classic Video Games

Farm Animals

Greek Gods

More Dungeons and Dragons Character Classes

Diner Food

Are You There, God? It's More Breakfast Cereal

Aspects of Jabberwocky


Car Accessories

Schoolhouse Rock Part II

Dungeons and Dragons Character Classes

Lawn Ornaments


Chess Pieces

More Christmas Songs

Aspects of Sushi Restaurants


Thanksgiving Foods

Car Options

Yet More Breakfast Cereal

Paul is Dead Clues

Cat Toys

Schoolhouse Rock

Hanna Barbera Cartoons

Deodorant Scents

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Aspects of Televised Football

Crap We Got In the Mail

Norse Gods

Supermarket Vending Machine Items

Ninja Weapons

Doughnuts and Doughnut-like Foods

Characters From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

References From Last Week's Ratings

More Classic Video Games


Pool Toys

More Pizza Toppings

Coca-Cola Slogans

Marvel Superheroes

More Cookies

Dog Tricks

Speed Racer Characters

Office Supplies

He-Man Characters


Atari 2600 Games

Schoolyard Games

'Alice's Adventures' Characters

Swiss Army Knife Items

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors

Still More Breakfast Cereal

More Superfriends

Mythical Creatures

Aspects of the Laundromat

Board Games

Popeye and Entourage

McDonald's Food


Card Games

Christmas Songs

Batman Villains

Three's Company Characters

Types of Band-Aids

Kool-Aid Flavors

Scooby-Doo Characters


Hot Things

Halloween Treats

Alien Invaders

Clue Suspects

Superman's Powers

Winnie-the-Pooh Characters

More Breakfast Cereal

Kid Vehicles

Crayola Colors

Classic Video Games

Pet Rodents

Star Trek Alien Makeup

Kitchen Appliances That Only Do One Thing

Monopoly Tokens

Pizza Toppings


Hostess Products

Deadly Sins

Rock Stars with One Name

Sesame Street Characters

Uses for Potatoes

Breakfast Cereals


Star Wars Villains

Aspects of Bowling

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