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Reader Mail (12 August 2002)

From: TheI3ug
Subject recent ratings: months

I have a technical problem with the ratings page. "August" was given a "D" because of the lack of holidays. You could celebrate Francis Scott Key's birthday on the first. August 5th is National Waffle day. Heck, Snuffleupagus's Birthday is on the 19th, and what about the 26th, Women's Equality Day? Since when has brunching decided to alienate their female audience?

If all else fails, we did drop two atomic bombs on Japan in August, we could celebrate that. Twin holidays, as it were. The only thing that comes close would be chanukka, but that's got us beat with 8 days. Of course, they also have something of a moral high ground, but that's not really a concern of mine at the moment.

I'm afraid you have a warped sense of what qualifies as a holiday, and I'm not just talking about the bomb thing. National Waffle Day and Women's Equality Day are not holidays. They are congressional feel good proclamations, made to appease constituents that don't actually have any money to give them. It's all fine and good if a bunch of sixth graders convince their senator to declare National Comfy Pillow Day as part of their civics class, but don't expect me to ask for the day off. Anyway, every day is Comfy Pillow Day.

From: Alien8ed
Subject re: ratings: months pt. 1
"This is where it all starts; the whole yuletide currency-fest. We should just consolidate November and December, make up a name in Latin that refers to credit cards and/or animatronic bears in red hats, and have done with it"

My friends and I refer to this time of year as Octember, the 92 days of the Hallogivingsmas season. Try it out where you work or bank.

If you run into a bank that will cash a check dated "Octember 87th" please let me know. It sounds like a fun place to do business.

From: Luis Villazon
Subject 7-letter word plurals

The plural of Bacchus would be Bacchi, if there were more than one. Which there aren't. Isn't.


What astonishes me is that there are people who have gotten enough of a classical education to know the masculine plural of Bacchus, but not enough to have heard of Euripides' play The Bacchae. It's a classic and it gots a guy being torn apart by furious ladies.

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