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Reader Mail (19 August 2002)

From: Mark Bradwin
Subject: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day also inspired the second most effective to put yourself in a coma. It's the Groundhog Day drinking game! The rules are simple: Watch Bill Murray's movie, Groundhog Day. Take a drink at the start of each new "day." Results in 42 shots. Watch out for the multiple slapping scene!

Oh, and FYI, the most effective way to put yourself in a coma is to play the Blue's Clues drinking game. The rules for this are also simple: Drink whenever Steve (the human host) 1) says "blue," 2) says "clue," or 3) asks a question. So "Do you want to play Blue's Clues" results in 3 shots. A typical episode requires 200 shots, so you better get somebody else to prepare them for you. Needless to say, my continued ability to write you email is proof that I haven't tried this one.


I appreciate the relative simplicity of these two games. Far too many drinking games out there are six printed pages long and require you to watch every character at all times. Anything that necessitates that much concentration and memorization is, by definition, a bad drinking game.

My personal contribution to the genre is my version of the "Absolutely Fabulous" drinking game. Whenever someone takes a drink, take a drink.

From: Matthew Baldwin
Subject: Great redesign

I just wanted to commend you on the addition of the "Recent Weeks" feature. Talk about handy! No more looking at a calendar or racking my brain to remember what week preceded this one: now it's right there on the Brunching homepage is convenient HTML-table form. Perfect for filling out my timesheet or coming up with alibis. You should introduced a "Brunching Pro" option, where, in return for $15 a month users could have "Recent Months," "Recent Years" and "Recent Philip Hoffman Seymore Movies" listed as well.

Here at the Brunching Shuttlecocks, we appreciate fine sarcasm. You fucker.

From: Branden Frederick, Esq.
Subject: Re: Re: Months pt. 1

The 92 days of Octember. . . wouldn't that be a 'behemonth'?

We do not, however, appreciate this sort of thing.

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