The Brunching Shuttlecocks Reader Mail

Reader Mail (5 August 2002)

Name: no one
Subject: I named one of my beloved pets Lore.

See the rat in the attached picture? This cute little rat has been named Lore, in honor of the Brunching Shuttlecocks. He has taken to escaping from his cage, eating a bunch of food then returning back like nothing happened.

[A Rat]

Thanks, anonymous rat owner! Give him a little Playstation 2 and he'll pretty much be living my life.

Name: Danny Collier
Subject: Teensy Weensy UPS Package

I don't know if Lore's up in arms yet, but he should be.

"If Fett gets unmasked in the prequels, Lego better be sending me a replacement head pronto!"

It's time for Lego to deliver.

Danny Collier

Hey, yeah! I saw Bobetto in Episode II, and he clearly did not have a black cylinder for a head. He was doe-eyed and pouty. Barring a major accident in Episode III involving electrical tape, I want my Boba face! I also want "I want my Boba face!" to be the rallying cry of two generations of toy-hoarders, but I'll settle for the face.

Name: Michael Vieths
Subject: 7-letter word (from Lore: I Need)

7-letter word for 'hot-blooded sex god'. Easy:


(Yeah, I know, it was a joke, but hey, you asked.)

Michael Vieths

(Smacks forehead.) I never even thought of that. And here I've been trying to recruit my own Bacchae for years.

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