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Have you ever told someone a joke, only to discover upon delivery of the punchline that "you had to be there"? Has something been blindingly funny while you were blitzed as a French chauffeur on Southern Comfort and Jaeger, but impossible to get across to friends the day after? Now you can tell your joke the way it as meant to be told, thanks to the astonishing power of the Web.

Baffle Software presents the long-awaited RealFunny plug-in. Once installed, RealFunny uses patented "Enviro-Yuks" technology to create the perfect virtual environment for your humor, ensuring that your readers will enjoy the joke just as much as you did, no matter how much it depends on personal references, immediate context, or being whacked out of your freaking mind.

Download RealFunny 1.1b now to create all these humor environments and more:

  • Smoked up in the dorm room and talking about old TV jingles.
  • Just watched a Jim Carrey movie, and you've been repeating the catch phrases for the last hour.
  • Just killed a forty and a bag of Fun-Yuns.
  • Sixteen, dumb, bored, and horny.
  • It's two in the morning, you've been driving for twelve hours straight, and you're starting to hallucinate neon bunnies.

Never let a precious drop of humor go to waste again.

RealFunny: If You Had To Be There, You Are

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