The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

Nobody can predict the weather. Millions of dollars in equipment, dozens of satellites orbiting the Earth, really down-home, personable TV weathermen -- even all of these combined can't give you a 100% reliable forecast.

So why not get the forecast you want? Common Denominator Media presents YourWeather, the weather page that's supportive of your hopes and dreams. Want an excuse to get out of the company picnic? YourWeather will predict an 80% chance of showers. Worried that your trip to the Third Annual Gun Show And Craft Fair will be a washout? YourWeather will see nothing but blue skies. Sure, we can't guarantee the forecast will be right, but neither can anybody else!

YourWeather -- Where High Technology Meets Wishful Thinking

Coming Soon: YourNews -- The World's Exactly What You Imagined

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