The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

If you're like most people, your collection of "Lockhorns" cartoons is a mess. Need that knee-slappingly hilarious one-panel gag from a few weeks ago? Writing a paper on the satirical underpinnings of Loretta's vehicular mishaps? Trying to put the finishing touches on your Web tribute page? You need Lock-Org, the handy Lockhorns organizer system.

Small enough to carry with you everywhere -- to work, school, or major international diplomatic events, the Lock-Org has sections for daily and Sunday comics in the following categories:

  • Loretta burns dinner
  • Leroy dances with a bimbo at a party
  • Loretta comes out of the beauty parlor, Leroy makes smartass remark
  • Loretta comes in the door with a steering wheel in her hand
  • Leroy has a hangover
  • Loretta criticizes Leroy as an unnamed female friend looks on sympathetically

It's all you need! Never face the degrading, dehumanizing humiliation of unorganized Lockhorns cartoons again. Use Lock-Org.

From the makers of Jumblo-Tron, the electronic "Junior Jumble" assistant.

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