The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

A contest has been called. You have been chosen. You are transported to Muskville, Kansas ("The Felt-Tip Pen Capital of the Midwest") to defend yourself against challengers from dozens of sensible careers.

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You've battled ninjas, demons and warriors. You've defended yourself against fireballs, swords, ice beams and grappling thingies. You think you're pretty hot. But then, you've never faced the wrath of an angry banker! The fearsome power of an irate toll-booth attendant! The sheer destructive power of one of those ladies who gives out samples of microwave pizza at the supermarket!

If you dare to take on this challenge, you will face:

The only thing stronger than this purified-water deliveryman's love for pancakes and flavored coffee is his Big Plastic Bottle Blast

Normally a dispatcher for the Happy Day Cab Company, Shirley has brought along several jars of her own fresh-picked, hand-packed, out-of-season whoop ass for the occasion.

62 and out of shape, J.B. will sue you to hell and back if you so much as touch him.

And many more...

Normal Kombat: Only the Typical Survive

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