The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

Hey Ladies!!!

Tired of looking for the right man? Think the entire male species leaves something to be desired?

You may be more right than you know.

Men are pigs, you know this, we know this, so why waste time with pigs... when you could be having a ball with the dolphins!

That's right, dolphins. These mammals are highly intelligent, a quality sorely lacking in today's man, they're cute, they're cuddly, and they love to play! Let's be honest, the only thing men ever want to do with you is have sex and now, but dolphins, they're in the mood for hours and hours of erotic play!

At the Trans-Mammal Love Connection, we have happily matched over 400 women just like you with the perfect dolphin companion. Worried about commitment? Dolphins mate for life!!!! And what's more romantic than a night on a water bed?

Yes, dolphins are the perfect mate for the modern woman who's looking for that no-nonsense relationship. Why put up with Sundays filled with football and beer when every day can be a day at the beach! Tired of dealing with men who don't do what you want them to do? Dolphins are highly trainable! And talk about affectionate! No more early mornings waking up in an empty bed because the creep vanished before sunrise. Your dolphin mate will be at your watery side at your beck and call, often with a gift of a fish to warm your heart and fill your stomach!

So act now! Call 1-900-F-I-S-H-M-A-T-E and end your romantic woes forever! Plus, if you mention this add, we'll throw in a free bucket of cod. That's right, your first dinner together is on us!

The Trans-Mammal Love Connection: Mankind may be at the top of the evolutionary ladder, but you can do better.

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