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Other collect-call services save money for the person you're calling, but what's in it for you? Wouldn't you like to use a call service that puts money in your pocket for a change?

That's why we started 1-800-CALL-CUT -- so you can get your cut from all the calls you make. Here's how it works. Whenever you make a collect call using 1-800-CALL-CUT, we charge the person you're calling fifty cents a minute. Sure, that's expensive, but what do you care? You're not paying for it! Here's the best part: out of that fifty cents, we pay you fifteen cents. Fifteen whole cents a minute! That's probably more than you make at your job, considering you can't even cover your own damn phone calls.

So go ahead and make those calls! Call your mom! Tell her about your day! In exhaustive detail! Call old college friends! Call random people from the yellow pages! Some of them are sure to be bored or curious enough to take a collect call, and that means money for you! Whatever you do, call call call!

1-800-CALL-CUT: Make Money Talk -- To You!

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