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A Few Words About Placebo

"I was suffering from chronic malaise, loss of body hair and elbow hives. I wasn't sure if anything could help me, but then I asked my doctor about Placebo."

Placebo. So powerful, it's the standard by which medications are tested. So effective, it has demonstrated results against thousands of ailments. So safe, it can even be used without harm by infants, pregnant women and the elderly.

"The doctor agreed that Placebo might be able to help me. We started treatment immediately. From the moment I took it, it almost seemed like I could feel it working."

Placebo is available everywhere, in oral, intravenous, and suppository form. There's even chewable Placebo for children.

"Placebo changed my life. My doctor thinks it might even help with the way my eyebrows kind of itch and that buzzing sound I sometimes get in my right ear."

Whatever your illness or discomfort, there's a chance Placebo can help you. Ask your doctor about it.

Placebo: It Works Because You Want It To

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