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It used to be that getting on the Internet required technical knowledge, savvy, and a computer. Not anymore! Thanks to Web-By-Mail, now you can have the best the Web has to offer -- in your own postal mailbox!

Start with our free Web-By-Mail catalog, which offers over six sites to get you started. Order one, and soon a clear, color printout of that Web page is delivered directly to your home or post-office box! For more, circle any link on the page you received and return it in our postage-paid envelope. Each page you order can take you to even more pages! (Please allow two to four weeks for each delivery.)

The cost is only $29.95 to start, plus $4.95 for each page requested, with a surcharge of $1.95 for form submissions, framed sites, or pornography. Think of how much money you'll save over the price of a computer, software, and calling tech support to have them explain why your modem screams like a slapped child every time you connect to the Internet. Gobs of money!

Now you can make the future come to you!

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