The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

Hey kids!

Do you dig the groovy tunes of The Chemical Brothers?

Like to shake your booty to the latest Prodigy tune?

Do bands like The Orb, FSOL, Orbital or Moby float your boat?

Then you may be a fan of Techno, the latest musical craze sweeping the nation, with its mind-numbing non-stop pulsating beats and wild hair. And now, PlayWithMe Toys is proud to introduce the first Techno-hip doll for this Techno-happening world.

Meet Techno Timmy!

With Techno Timmy, you too can create glass-shattering four-count beats, heavy on the bass, which will amaze and astound your friends! Who knows, with the right off-beat cymbal crash, you too could score a hit record like Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up' or 'Funky Shit." Techno Timmy comes equipped with a Casio Drum Machine and a metronome, the only tools you'll ever need to create the noise so popular with today's "Man, when does this life thing finally end anyway?" generation.

And he's so adorable!

So ask your Mom or Dad for Techno Timmy, today, and become disinterested in life, like the rest of us.

PlayWithMe Toys is a registered trademark of PlayWithMe Inc., a subsidiary of OoohThatFeelsGood Corp.

Techno Timmy is a registered trademark of Jim Bishop of North Hill, Alaska who loaned the name to PlayWithMe Toys after they offered him a Playboy Playmate for an evening.

Batteries Not Included. Recording Contract Not Included. Sense of Rhythm Not Included, but also unnecessary.

Void Where Prohibited. Like Nepal and Iowa.

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