The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

Cloning. Someday it will cure diseases and extend lifespans. But even today it can bring the lovable animal stars of television and movies into your very own home!

No more will you have to settle for some ragged tick-ridden animal off the street to bring you happiness and joy. At StarPets® (A division of RadexTech Global Biochemical Engineering, Inc.) we can provide you with a laboratory-fresh exact genetic duplicate of the famous pet of your choice. Murray from "Mad About You"! That weird little Taco Bell Chihuahua! Most of the cast of the new Doctor Doolittle movie! Any and all of these can be yours.

Call today for our Catalog of Stars®, and get the pet you deserve.

Why have a pet when you can have a StarPet?®

Training and discipline are the responsibility of owner. Animals do not talk. Computer-generated and/or puppet animal stars not available. Lovable antics not guaranteed.

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