The Brunching Shuttlecocks Cheap At Any Price

If you're like most people in the US, you've done a lot of work to make your cubicle walls entertaining to co-workers, clients, and random passers-by alike. Dilbert cartoons, Star Trek blueprints, interesting soda can sculpture -- these things take time and imagination, right? So why not see some return on your investment?

Introducing QubeAds: The Advertising of Tomorrow®! Simply stick one of our QubeAds® -- many of which are not pornographic -- on your cubicle walls along with all the other items of interest, set up the QubeCam® to monitor traffic, and we'll pay you up to one cent* for everyone who stops and looks. It's that easy!

So sign up with QubeAds® today, and let your workplace work for you!

*One cent rate applies only to porn ads. Other rates will be lower. QubeCam® rental fees additional. Payments will be withheld until account accrues $4000 or the sun becomes a red giant and devours the earth. QubeAds® is not responsible for losses suffered as a result of United Media sending guys to break your thumbs. Offer void where unusual.

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