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Reader Mail (10 February 2003)

From: Jeff Mountjoy
Subject: Lore: Let's See

Thought you'd like to know that you've once again proven yourself a prognosticator. There really is a "What would Jesus eat?" diet. No kidding.

Now all I need is someone to start serving General Charlie's Chicken in their restaurant and I'll have an excuse to hit James Randi up for major pocket change.

From: Breadman
Subject: Tacos

I like tacos. They are crunchy and good. Tacos are much better than, say, being dropped on your head. Tacos are crunchy. Those are the best. Much better than the soft kind. If society ever needs something like soilent green, I hope they put it in taco form.

I dunno. We hadn't put up any pointless babbling drool-mail in a while. I was getting nostalgic.

From: Mike Bartholomy
Subject: Death Rattle

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but in the cartoon "Hit Man," isn't the noise that Gary makes after he gets shot by the hitman the "generic dying stormtrooper noise" from Star Wars? I read somewhere recently that this noise is one of the longest running inside jokes in Hollywood and has been in many movies since the 1950's. I actually caught it recently in "The Two Towers". So I guess this is my question: are you now officially a co-conspirator in this running joke, was this accidental, or is Gary a stormtrooper? The latter would explain how you can kill him without even looking where you're shooting.

I was wondering if anyone would notice that. The scream is indeed the infamously famous "Wilhelm." I'm not a conspirator in any useful sense of the word, though. At best, I'm a conspirator wannabe. I just read about the illustrious and incredibly painful history of Wilhelm, and wanted to do my part.

As for Gary's status in re: stormtrooping, it's not what I had in mind when I wrote the thing, but anything's possible. Let's just say that Gary is in an indeterminate state of both stormtrooping and NOT stormtrooping, like Schrödinger's Fascist Space Thug.

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