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Where the WIRED Things Are

When Max is unfairly sent to bed by the immoral actions of his parent-government, he escapes into a strange and wondrous land of laissez-faire capitalism, neon green ink, and dozens of different brands of VR goggles. Please specify strong (US-only) or weak encryption when ordering.

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And to Think That I Saw It on talk.bizarre

Responding to the demand for more stories by the incredibly talented but still completely dead Dr. Seuss, the publishers of this book have scoured Usenet for parodies of Seuss's style. Includes such poorly-rhymed favorites as "If I Ran the Server," "Green Cards and SPAM," and 47 different Star Trek parodies!

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Goodnight Moog

This book helps children come to terms with one of the difficult truths of life: the built-in obsolescence of their electronic equipment. "Goodnight Moog" shows your child that his or her computer, video game console, and even audio equipment will someday be out-of-date, but it also provides hope that it may someday live again through the magic of retro.

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1100101 Dalmatians

A wonderful way to introduce children to binary numbers, this is a whimsical story about a systems administrator, his wife, and the database he uses to keep track of their dogs. From the author of "0x4e20 Leagues Under the Sea."

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Microsoft Bedtime Story 98

A beautifully illustrated, lovingly told story for children of all ages which Microsoft assures us is, contrary to appearances and the Justice Department's allegations, not just a children's book but a fully integrated part of the Windows operating system. Comes pre-installed with all children delivered using Microsoft Midwife Suite 98.

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The Fandom Tollbooth

Milo, a bored ten-year-old, decides to make a Web page devoted to the Simpsons. What follows is a memorable trip through a magical land of cease-and-desist-orders, copyright and trademark law, corporate lawyers and civil courts.

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